Join me on my journey  to realizing my dream of becoming a nationally recognized dancer and choreographer! I will share videos, pictures, insights, and commentary of all the wacky and interesting situations I will find myself in as I jump into the pool of a drowning artist, and hopefully emerge as one of the greats!


(Photo by AM Photography

This whole idea was sparked by an assignment I was given in one of dance classes in college (3rd Year Movement Practices) at ASU where the prompt was to create an online presence for ourselves with dance, and I thought, “what better way to do that than to post up my future experiences with dance!?”.

This blog will be generally the part where I share pieces of my life and insights to what I experience on a daily basis. I will be jumping into, (or at least trying to jump into), the professional world of Contemporary dance. And on the journey, I know I will run into a lot of interesting situations, see a lot great performances, be a part of a few, and I would like to share that all with the online world!

There will also be a weekly YouTube video blog that I will be using as well so be sure to check that out as soon as I get it up and running!

[[Ciao for now]]



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