Lack of Motivation or Rest?


So, today I pretty much did nothing… Except watch Arrested Development on Netflix and lay in bed (I also had a Mamosa, but that’s neither here nor there). I think my lack of productivity is really ironic since I just launched this blog yesterday which is pretty much my declaration to the world that I will work endlessly to reach my dream. I did not dance today, I did not exercise, train, or read anything pertaining to my goals. I turned my brain off.

At about 8pm I started thinking about why today, for some odd reason, I was unable to do any kind of work. Was I unmotivated? Or was I Tired?

My life before this blog consisted of a full-time job as a lead server at IHOP, Community Engagement Coordinator for a non-profit Dancers and Health Together Inc., full-time student at Arizona State Univeristy, President/Founder of student organization called Free The Dance, an Executive Board position on a student club called Dance Undergraduate Organizational Support, as well as dancing about 25 hours a week. In other words, I did not sleep much. So I was leaning more towards defining today as a well needed day of rest that I did not get often.

This rest may be essential to this journey anyways. When you are on a exercise plan, you often have a day of rest so that your muscles can grow and perform better. My brain is a muscle and I rarely gave it rest, and today seemed long overdue for it.

And I am excepting this rest! I have a great deal of days ahead of me where I can bust my butt in the studio and on stage trying to get to that level of recognition as a dancer and choreographer! Can’t beat myself up about one day of leisure, right?

[[Ciao for Now]]


5 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation or Rest?

  1. Ah! I pressed send while I was typing and I haven’t quite figured out the WordPress app yet so I’m not sure on how to delete the previous comment 😁! Any who..

    Rest is good! And necessary! Our bodies need time to recharge and our minds need time to reflect. Just make sure that you get back up and train tomorrow 🙂

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