Up and Attacking the Day!


Yesterday I was feeling very sluggish and I needed the rest, even though I kind of fought it every step of the way. Today, I woke up with something to prove to myself and I’m proving it!

I am currently taking a rest from choreographing a solo for my class project in 3rd Year Creative Practices. But, before that I went to the gym and hacked out an hour of hard cardio and doing a chest, arms, and abs work out. And it was all to the musics of Rupaul and The Scissor Sisters!

PS: If you haven’t heard Lets’s Have a Kiki then I don’t know What you are doing with your life. Just sayin’.

Its currently only 10am here in Arizona and I have about 4 more hours of rehearsal ahead of me and a Contemporary dance class to teach tonight.

The motivation is back!!!

[[Ciao for Now]]


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