Urban Sol!


“Urban Sol is rooted in the unlikely union of the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and the Valley of the Sun’s urban artist culture of DJs, MCs, graffiti artists and dancers. This is a rich, uncharted collaboration among scholars, performers and urban artists.” (as stated on the Facebook like page https://www.facebook.com/UrbanSolAZ)

This dance event at Arizona State University is easily one of its best! Hundreds of people come out to dance and see dance, watch amazing graffiti art be made, dance to amazing DJs, and it’s all free! This event happens about twice a year at ASU (one per semester), and it is literally packed every time. And It’s obvious to see why, the talent there is ridiculous! Here is a video I captured  of  a round of battles that features House, Waacking, and Vogueing Urban Dance styles.

There were many rounds of 2 on 2 battles in three separate categories. HIP HOP Styles- New School/Old School. EDM Styles- Waack, Vogue, House. and Funk Styles- Poppin, Lockin, Breakin. The battles were really fierce, and I was so emotionally involved as a viewer. My friends, classmates, and many other dancers from the area that I admired were there. Seeing them compete with each other had me torn as I did not know who to root for sometimes. If I was a judge, I would be giving out ties left and right.

Overall, the event was really fun! I look forward to Urban Sol ever semester. And even though I do not consider myself an urban dancer, I really respect the atmosphere and sense of community. It is something that I long for in the Contemporary dance community. And if we could have that, the turn out for events would reflect like at Urban Sol.


Photo by Nightfuse.com

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2 thoughts on “Urban Sol!

  1. I know the feeling! Urban dance competitions are my weekends, my business, and my life. Even though I don’t battle, I am so actively involved in the scene and community that its a part of me. The event we’re hosting next week is going to be insane!

    Hope I can make it to Urban Sol sometime!

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