3:00 AM Text


I frequently find myself awake at odd hours of the night. Either getting something to eat, laughing at something that was playing on the tv or, like this time, waking up because I feel a bit of sickness coming on. So I just updated my status stating I was feeling sick and started watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. 

Soon after, I get a text from my friend say, “you are like a Degrassi: The Next Generation character”. Because of how unprovoked that I was, I just replied simply “how”? She then replied, “You are a fully dynamic personality where you are always evolving, and the J. from season 3 is not the same in season 5”.

I was really moved by this because she could see the effort I put into constantly growing, and changing. I try to improve on something everyday, even if it is something small, I put the effort in.  But, like many other people in this world, I do not readily see the growth that I have actually made, and often beat myself up for not being where I would like to be as a person and a dancer. So, for someone to see that growth in me means a lot! It was like she inadvertently held up a picture of me from 2 years ago and a mirror in front of my face and said, “Look! You’ve made a hell of a lot of progress! You are not the same person as before!”

And I see now. I gotta be more confident in my ability!

[[Ciao for Now]]


2 thoughts on “3:00 AM Text

  1. Sounds like you have some pretty amazing friends or acquaintances. It’s SO important to be reminded to the good things we are doing in life. I think people lose hope because they choose to have unsupportive people around them.

    I bet that’s a great feeling!

    P.S. I really love your blog and your layout. It’s original and easy to navigate. Keep writing this awesome short narratives. You’re really good at it! I felt like I was there with you at 3AM watching Parks and Rec (probably because I have been in the position before, ha!).

    • Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback and your comment. I try to have as many positive and supportive people in my surroundings, and try to emit as much positive energy to my community as well.

      You are also right about losing hope. It is wise to know that you are not just who you are and what you do, you are also your surroundings and who you interact with. So, it’s easy to stay hopeful if you have people that feed that hope.

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