Introduction, Fails, and Bloopers

This video is really rough, but hey, it’s my first try at this and it’ll get better! I’ll learn the secret Jedi arts of video editing, (might just get a MAC honestly… much easier on there).

Subscribe on YouTube as well as I will be uploading a video every week about what I am doing on this journey, as well as what I am seeing. I think this will be really fun (and Funny) lol


5 thoughts on “Introduction, Fails, and Bloopers

  1. Good first blog. I also want to see you dance. Hopefully, you will post here too. I have enough not interested in adding youtube. Are you open to suggestions?

      • You want someone important to see this, be impressed, and hire you as a dancer. Think of this an a interview.
        Watch this and see how you look at nothing.
        Look at the camera eye. It will give the impression that you are speaking directly at the viewer.
        Drop the “hums.” Never use them when you speak, they’re a bad habit.
        A lot of people talk badly about themselves. Be different be positive and upbeat.
        Even when you tell us how you failed at something, tells us how you overcame. Employers love this.
        Be confident in your dream. You are a champ, you will succeed. Make us believe.
        Looking forward to seeing you dance.

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