I Have Mono… Yay!


102.4 fever and shivering like a tiny scared chihuahua. I am immensely tired and I haven’t done anything all day really. Walking feels like running, and I honestly am typing with just my index finger. Why write a blog? You might be asking. I say, because I refuse to let this sickness mess up my daily regime too much. Yeah, it sounds very defiant but I don’t really know how to be sick.

When I was a Junior in high school, I got strep throat. I was sent home for five days, and was advised to stay in bed. Since I was not too terribly fatigued, I choreographed two full dances in my living room. I had formations written down, written out counts, and had a list of dancers at my high school I wanted to ask to dance it.

Also, in the 6th grade, I had the flu… BAD! And instead of staying in bed all day, I crawled around the house and cleaned the house because I was bored. I cleaned the bathroom and living room all on my hands and knees, in between naps of course.

Moral of the story, I do not know how to be sick. If I have an ounce of life in me I will live it.I guess I’m also trying to stay positive as well since I know I could be sick for weeks. But, for now, I will wrap up in my comfy ruby red blanket and watch Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal as my puppy, Hero, naps on my feet. YAY TELEVISION!!!


6 thoughts on “I Have Mono… Yay!

  1. Well, take care of yourself. I don’t like to rest very much either, but sometimes we need to. We’ve got to invest the best in our bodies to prepare to stay in the game for the long haul :). Sending healing vibes your way….

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