What is On My Wall…!?


So, today I decided to join the WordPress Daily Prompt crew! (WOOO!!!)


What do you display on the walls of your      home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

I like to make my room reflect exactly what state of mind I am in. So, feng shui is a has a very important role in my life. But, what stays constant in my room are posters with inspirational words on them. I want to create a space that provides warmth, comfort ability, and positive energy.

I often have music playing that is very upbeat and easy to dance to like Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, P!nk, Swedish House Mafia, and Macklemore, just to name a few. My main playlist literally just plays on a continuous loop in the background, it’s amazing!

I also use very dim and soft lighting to keep it very warm as well. I have  noticed that very  bright fluorescent lights make any environment look horribly drab! I first saw this in my freshman dorm room at ASU on the first day of  move in, and I immediately went out and bought a tree lamp, which is currently in my room at home.

I also do not have many guests, so I guess all of these things  are mostly to make me feel comfortable. And I have to say, I do! It is also extremely messy right now so I guess I will be cleaning it up after I post this haha, should not have gotten this bad I swear…


10 thoughts on “What is On My Wall…!?

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  3. Those lights in the dorms were TERRIBLE. They were so bad for my eyes and I could never do my work in there. You need to help me find my feng shui in a way that doesn’t require me to spend money haha.

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