Nightowl… Earlybird.. Catnapper


In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, “are you an early bird or  night owl”

When it comes to sleep, I go through phases. When I was in my first few years of college, I would wake up at the crack of down (6:26 am to be exact), and I would start my day with home work or some sort of physical activity. I often had a dance class at 8:15 am or earlier, so I had to be ready to go immediately! I also had my morning regime down to a science because I would have my coffee machine prepared to sync with my alarm clock so it could brew perfect coffee as soon as my alarm went off, allowing the aroma to drag me out of bed.

As the years have changed, and class scheduled allowed me to start class at noon opened up my night life tremendously. I would work at IHOP 11 pm to 6 am (or 6 pm to 6 am more often times than not), and I quickly turned into a night owl. On days off, I would just be up all night handling my business and doing homework like it was the norm.

More recently though, my schedule had become so in frequent where I would become the notorious catnapper that would fall asleep anywhere and at anytime.Image

I even fell asleep during dance rehearsals if I got the chance to sit at all. And even worse, I would drag myself to class and sleep in the back so I wouldn’t lose attendance.

Now things are much better with my scheduling, and I can call myself the Early bird again. The only problem I have is getting to wherever I need to be on time =/


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