My Contemporary Class for Free The Dance

(I am the one dancing in the front with the purple shirt by the way)

So last night, I taught a Contemporary dance class for my dance organizations final class for the semester. The organization is called Free The Dance and it is a student run organization that offers free dance classes to all ASU students and the surrounding communities in various styles once a week.

I founded this club at the end of my freshman year and I have taught a lot since then, and also have grown a ton. This is due to the club’s feedback circle that the participants take part in directly after the class. This is where the students give 2 pieces of feedback to the instructor about the class: one for what they enjoyed in the class, and one they would like to see next time the instructor teaches.

I am really grateful for this club because it feeds by hunger for a very warm and loving environment for dance that is nothing but supportive and free. The class has had a multiple of dance experiences in class. From beginning to dance for the very first day at Free The Dance to having danced most of their lives, and everyone enjoys the classes that take place.
And they enjoyed mine ass well and I was so honored to share the space with the dancers last night. They were so present when performing and gave authentic performances.

Some of the feedback I received last night was also really helpful to me as an aspiring dance artist and teacher. During the feedback circle, the class basically loved the movement, which I appreciated. That was a real testament to my ability to choreograph and teach dance because they also enjoyed my pacing for teaching the movements, as well as how I took the time to answer many questions they had in the class. Which is a hard thing to do when you are trying to fit so much into a one hour and thirty minute class. But, I also asked to have a warm-up that coincided better with the movement since my warm up was more face paced and cardio based. As well as warming up the spine more because of all of the use of the spine that happened in the phrase. I thought I had done a good job of warming up the spine sense that was partly the basis of my warm up, but I learned that other dancers may need more time warming up than I do since I do warm up quite fast.

Everyday offers more ways to grow and learn and I am always ready for it!


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