Personal Space in a Dance Class

So I made my second video for my YouTube channel about personal space in a dance class. It is also kind of my response to what happened to me in a dance class the night before.



7 thoughts on “Personal Space in a Dance Class

  1. I almost killed someone because of that before during dance class. Well, not really someone. It was many people. I have bruised plenty of them and knocked them over because my personal bubble was invaded. I do not tend to blow up like you, but it pisses me off when they give me that look like I jumped in their space in the first place 😡 In Jazz dance, something like this can be deadly. I hated class because someone was running into me every time.

    Plus, you are a lot better at making videos compared to the last one.

    • Thank you. I spent a few days taking notes on what worked really well for other YouTube channels to hopefully make mine better as well. Seems like it worked lol

  2. This personal space thing is valid for ANYONE in ANY kind of creative field. It used to drive me nuts in art school when you were finally in the zone, getting shit done and someone would be behind your back, breathing down your neck asking “what u doing?” Or they would be exclaming how much better they were doing. Seriously, people, what’s wrong with you.

    • Haha! I can definitely agree with how irritating that is! Some strangers have completely stared over my shoulder at my laptop as I was on facebook or writing a paper as if it was the popular thing to do. Totally NOT! lol

  3. Uh oh, I definitely can be that annoying person dancing around when it’s not my turn, and then dancing into other people’s space (just cuz I move way bigger than them) when it is my turn… Guess I can work on that lol. BUT in one of my rep classes at LINES there was a girl who literally got knocked out cold by a girl she got too close to. Scary.

    • I dance into other people’s space as well because I move bigger, but also we do not start off standing directly in the person’s space. And it is scary to get hit class! I was doing a piece where we ended up running around with our eyes closed being lead by someone who’s eyes were open and I slammed into someone’s head and busted my lip =( lol

      They end up being great stories to tell though lol

  4. So sorry you are sick. I can hardly get to work when I have a bod cold. I can’t imagine dancing. You are one tough puppy.
    Liked your blog. Liked the “get out of my way face.” It made me laugh.
    Hope you get well soon.

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