Work In Progress! (I’m on the Left)

So, out of nowhere I heard this adaption of Amy Whinehouse’s Back To Black covered by Andre 3000 and Beyonce during one of the trailers for The Great Gatsby movie. I was completely shocked that two of my favorite artists would cover one of my favorite songs! And when the full song came out I jumped on the opportunity to choreograph to it, and this is the product of a few hours in the studio.

My friend Vince danced it with me, and the choreography is just loosely based on the high life of Gatsby’s life as well as his friendship to Nick Carraway.

I am also currently working on a longer adaption for this that will explored Gatsby and Tom Buchanan’s fight over Daisy.

Enjoy and tell me what you think as well where you think I could got with this.


4 thoughts on “Work In Progress! (I’m on the Left)

  1. I love the choreography the first minute or so. Seems just right with the music, the kind of choreography that could be seen at So you Think You Can Dance. 🙂 Love it. Following you now.

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