I’ve Been Gone WAY Too Long.. Sorry!


Ok, I’ve obviously been away form this too long! I’ve been wanting to write on this for so long and post so many updates, but nothing had happened and I was really ambivalent about every thing. I was out of a job, unhappy with what I was dancing and creating, and generally just in a very grey area in terms of emotions. But, I’m back to feeling like me! I realized (again) that I feel like crap when I have too much time on my hands. Being out of school on summer break and jobless just made me very… ugh, to say the least.

So, I just accidentally posted this by pressing the stupid Publish button (I Know), so let me sum this up. I have a job now, full time. I am working with my dance group in AZ (Scorpius Dance Theatre, Google us!) to get ready to go to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland,  which I will update daily about that experience because it Will Be nothing short of amazing and beautiful and inspirational and everything else. I have decided to do my final dance project at ASU about L.O.V.E. and a lot of what that entails (more info in another post) since I am graduating SPRING 2014! And I am really excited and scared about the subject of this project to say the least! And lastly, I am working on the 3rd Annual Arizona’s Got Dance National Dance Day Showcase and Workshop that I artistically direct for my friend’s non-profit Dancer’s and Health Together (check us out!) which will be on July 20th (showcase) and July 17th, national dance day (workshop, I am teaching!)



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