I Need New Music!


Music has not been touching me like it used to. I’ve spent the better part of my summer downloading new music and re-listening to old goodies that used to pluck the strings of my mind, body, and soul but I end up nowhere. In the same grey area place I have set up a home since… probably January.

So, now that I am creating a few dances for some performances coming up in the next months, I would really love some music suggestions to try out. I have been choreographing things, to music I was mildly interested in, because I hope to set it to some life changing music and sounds. I have a friend who creates music and has done so for one of my dances (see: Dance Videos, Moving Through) and would LOVE for her to do it again… if I had the money to shell out for it.

I really would love to hear anything, so if you have suggestions please send them to me on here, on my Twitter: Danceobsessed41, my Facebook: Jay Bouey, or send my some playlists on Spotify: Jay Bouey.

Thanks in advanced!


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