One of My Dream Shows…


One of my dream dance shows to create would be one solely about androgyny! Ever since I saw performances of Prince and Michael Jackson on VHSs and listening to their records at such an early age, I loved how daring they were with their looks in comparison to other male pop artists of their time, and even now. Prince wore (and probably still wears) heels in an interview I saw him have with Tavis Smiley on PBS a few years ago, and all I could think was, “those heels make that outfit look amazing!” Never once did I question why he was in heels, or if it was for women or not, it just seemed right. Same with Michael Jackson with his amazingly bedazzled jackets! Fun Fact: when Michael did his legendary performance of Billie Jean at the Motown 25 performance, he was wearing a little jacket from his mother’s closet. So, these two men obviously were not concerned with what they wore on the outside to make them men, and I love it.

I have also seen many small endeavors with androgynous ideas and fashion including Lady Gaga’s tour and music video Alejandro, as well as seeing a certain recording artist name Janelle Monae who performs in a suit and bow tie all of the time. But I rarely see it in my everyday life because it seems to be not excepted in society. 

With that inspiration, I want to do a show that shows a myriad of androgynous fashion with dance and amazing music. Everything from men in skirts to women in suits, I want to show how non-important it is for what a man or a woman wears; the clothes do not make us either man or woman. But I want it to be fun mostly. I kind of see it in a small dim lit kind of club/bar where we would go in and change the space into twilight zone of where androgyny is just shown out right. I see a medium sized stage where many of the dance performance could exist on, as well as creating a runway with the configuration of the chairs so that the men and women could show case the fashion before the show and to close the show. I even would love to see some dance performing through the audience too so that every inch is a performance space!

I could just see myself backstage watching the chaos happen to run the show where all of the hair dressers, fashion designers, and make up artists are on head sets running around and yelling to get everyone ready to go out and perform like it is behind the scenes at a fashion show. Yet, have the calmness and easy flow on stage like a concert dance show would have.

It would just be awesome to push some more boundaries in this world! Things are getting pretty safe right now and I am getting very itchy to show out! Well, here goes another thing on my to do list before I die =)


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