Talking About Dance!

Talking about dance is such a rejuvenating and relaxing activity for my brain! But, lately the conversations have been so few and far in between because I do not spend my time around dancers as much as I would like to. So, when I get the chance to jump headfirst into that dance conversation, I willingly allow myself to be late to late to work, miss out on sleep, or even let my phone die while I’m an hour away from home (and we all know that’s like letting your heart stop beating). It’s almost like being a French-speaking person in America, then running into one person from the same area of France you grew up in and wanting to just speak the language with someone fluently. Or, at least, I think it’s that way since I only barely know English.

What is really funny though, is watching how some of my non-dance friends, or friends who are not as invested in living a life of dance, observe me converse and discuss about dance so avidly. They really look at me a little crazily when I throw out random French words to describe something, use word pairings like “head-tail connection” and “cross-lateral movement”, but I bet the most interesting part is seeing me break out into nearly fully performed choreography while speaking at the same time. One of my friends told me, “It’s like watching those 2 baby twins talk about something while you try to understand why they are so passionate about the discussion”.

I get it. Because, anytime I hear one of my friends who have studied anything but an art form or played on a sports team speak about their life’s passion I spend the length of the conversation Google-ing words and looking up information about the topic on Wikipedia. That’s just the little nerd in me I guess.

But my main topic of dance to talk about… is the dance community! I am all about bringing the different communities of dance and dance styles or dance ideas together to strengthen our bond.  Another topic for another post but yeah, I love talking about dance! (Go figure).


One thought on “Talking About Dance!

  1. I know the feeling. Had lunch in Philly with a girl who used to dance with our company. We were both trying to catchup with each other’s dance world.

    My non-dancing daughter was with us. Afterwards, my daughter said she felt like she was watching an episode of Breaking Pointe.

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