Waiting in the Emergency Room


“Sometimes the best thing you can do is lay there motionless”
Bea Athur gave the man a look and said, “it didn’t sound right on our honeymoon and it doesn’t sound right now”
Small chuckle.

Somebody’s baby is crying in the background
Everyone sits still,
Eyes focused down.
At cuts, and bruises, and odd swollen things.
The pain is subtle now, but when the nurse asks to see it they all fear the sting.
She’s still crying out loud in the background,
Everyone is sitting still and wouldn’t dare make a sound.
It seems like that baby girl is the only with since enough to cry out.

“Summer Ahmed!”
It’s her turn to be examined and her ailments evaluated,
It doesn’t matter what the cause it brought us here.
But as we wait, we could only hope the numbness is a sign of the pain had deteriorated.

We need a doctor over here
The bleeding hasn’t stopped.
Just keep applying pressure
The bleeding hasn’t stopped.
When will I get some treatment
The bleeding hasn’t stopped.

We could be in here years long it seems.
Even though we have an emergency,
It seems like the goal is to take care of those most at risk first.

Woman in labor and almost completely dilated,
Before cuts and broken bones or even that growth that’s oddly color saturated.
A roof over your head and food on the table,
Before making sure the relationship between father and son is truly stable.

A trip to the emergency room and blood trailing on the floor,
Even the holes in the walls and the tearfully forced out truthful words hurled at man that came annually in the years before,
Hasn’t ignited a fire for change in him yet to prevent episodes like this from happening anymore.

We need a doctor over here
Because our hearts are still bleeding
We’ll just keep applying pressure
Yet our wounds are still bleeding
When will we get some treatment?
We are growing numb from all the bleeding.

“Sometimes the best thing you can do is lay there motionless”
While you wait the long years to hear your name called for some emotional and familial treatment.


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