I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 1

So, after spending one full day of traveling from Phoenix, Arizona to Edinburgh, Scotland I am more than overjoyed to be in the country! Starting from the bus ride from the airport with my dance company, Scorpius Dance Theatre, to our rented flat in the heart of Edinburgh, I have been wired with excitement from the energy of the town before even really getting into it myself.

I am performing with a Phoenix based company named Scorpius Dance Theatre and we are performing as a part of a festival within a festival which is hosted by Booking Dance. Booking Dance is a dance agency that is focused on creating and American dance presence in Europe, promoting dance as a more respected art form, as well introducing new audiences to dance. Scorpius was invited to go and this is how I got to be here as a member of the company.


Well, for the first day, we just walked around and looked at what was happening in the city to see what we could do later more strategically. There will be thousands of performances during the festival and I have a good-sized 200+ paged book detailing all of the information on when and where these performances are happening.

I’ve looked at little street vendors who are selling handmade art, as well as collected a ton of flyers for future performances I will see starting tomorrow. The first that I am anticipating at the moment, is a hip-hop/breaking contemporary dance company called 2Faced Dance Company that is based out of the UK. I have looked up a few of their things on YouTube, and they seem pretty damn legit!



Also, the city is PACKED with people! People from literally every part of the world! I will be sharing the stage with a dancer from Mozambique in Africa, dancers from other parts of Europe will be performing, as well as the fact that everytime I meet someone they are from a different country I have never met anyone from at all. It feels like I am at the Quidditch World Cup, for anyone who read Harry Potter.


This trip for me is not a vacation. I am treating every day as a class so I can learn as much as I can about my craft and others related to it. Fortunately yet unfortunately, today was filled with a few meetings  and a lot of “getting to know the area” but tomorrow, I am hitting the ground towards classes and performances! When I am not performing that is.

More updates tomorrow!

P.s. – Check out my Tumblr page where I will be posting all of the pics I am taking on the trip! It looks like crap right now so just deal with it, I will be fixing it up shortly lol



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