I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 2!


So today was all about getting ready for our shows as a part of the Booking Dance Festival at the Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival. We had a tech rehearsal which went pretty well and a dress rehearsal that I think I just bombed! Walking miles a day on the cobble stone streets has not been kind to my knees, and during dress rehearsal when I lift one of the dancers in a Superman pose with my feet on her hips, my knee couldn’t straighten and she fell down a bit. No one was hurt gladly but my left knee is going to be completely warmed up for the next show for sure!

2Faced Dance Company Promo Video

I am unfortunately unable to see 2Faced Dance Company (http://www.2faceddance.co.uk/) while I am here in Edinburgh because their performance times coincide with the show I’m in. So I guess I’ll just have to follow them over the internet because I saw a lot of great promo videos from the UK based all-male company. Hopefully I can run into one of them and pick their brains about their company!


When I went to go discover what the building was, I saw a few street performers behind the actual building itself as well as a few hundred audience members. There was this Italian guy who used props and a German Wheel (I believe it was called) for his performance, as well as other acrobatic tricks. He even juggled with sticks of fire while balancing on top of a 6 foot tall metal wheel! Check out my Tumblr page (dancejustj.tumblr.com) to see a video I shot of him. You will also see a video of a guy balancing on a slack line (which is like a tight rope) while playing the violin… in his underwear. I don’t know why but I’m just saying that I am loving this festival so far! Oh, and the building is a museum!

Well, tomorrow is the first performance of the week and it’s like 2:16 AM over here. So I’m going to try to get some sleep by containing some of this excitement before it keeps me up all night! My goals for tomorrow are to put on a great show, see a great show, as well as meet some new dancers and other artists (hopefully I will run into a 2Faced dancer!).

Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr (dancejustj.tumblr.com) and my Instagram (dancejustj) to see the pics and videos I am uploading of the trip!


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