I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 3!


Today was a chill day even though a lot happened. Actually, it started off last night when I was up until 3am helping my friend get to bed when he had succumbed to some Ambien induced shenanigans which is kin to being black out drunk apparently. It was hilarious of course and well worth being up until 3am to see as well.

I woke up with just enough time to explore the city a little bit on my own before I had to get ready to perform, and I found some more beauty in the city which you should definitely check out my Tumblr (dancejustj.tumblr.com) to see. I love how green and busy the city is! There are trees every where and parks nearly on every major corner. And it has a Manhattan, NY feel to it so it kind of feels like my idea of home.


Today was also our first performance for the Booking Dance Festival as a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and it went over really well! So many people went to go see the show, which is hard to do as a dance based show during the festival since it is mostly circus and comedy driven. The dance company I am a member of, Scorpius Dance Theatre (scorpiusdance.com), showed 2 dance pieces for the festival. The first being Dreaming in Water which high lights an aerial duet and movement inspired by water. It was one of the slower pieces in the show but the flow and energy of it is what got the crowd so greatly invested. The next piece we did was Fünf Sechs Sieben Ach, which is German for 5, 6, 7, 8. This piece is the complete opposite to Water Dreams as it is about really staccato and sporadic movement with driving music, and athleticism through dance. It closes the show every night and I could see why, it pleases the crowd so much, and ends with them wanting more.


After the show, I aimed to go see a dance show by Maddog Dance Theatre, but miscalculated how long it would take to get there from the flat and arrived late to find out that they do not allow late arrivals. But, the mile and a half trek up hill was not in vain because I found out some information about the National Center for Dance called Dance Base where more dance performances are happening during the festival that I did not see in the original Fringe directory. As well as finding out about a contemporary and ballet class that is happening tomorrow morning!

Now, I’m off to bed because I plan on doing some damage in this contemporary class tomorrow!


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