I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 4!


First of all… Scotland has a NATIONAL Center for Dance! So frustrated with America right now for not having one of our own! It’s a very shallow frustration that is rooted only in jealousy, but I want one in America. I took a Contemporary dance class this morning by a man named Tom (I’ll research last name later), and it was pretty refreshing to say the least.

Tom set the tone by saying the class would be about joy and laughter and that’s all it was, pure fun! We played games to warm up which was really intelligent to incorporate into a dance class. I warmed up my body and mind without even thinking about the act of warming up. We also did a few partner improvisation scores that involved light vs heavy touch and directing vs influencing intentions. Great college dance terminology and ideas that I am ready for at the end of this summer.


Actually, before the dance class I went to the castle in Edinburgh with some friends and took a lot of pictures out side because it cost way too much to go inside! It cost like, an arm and a leg as well as promising Rumpelstiltskin that he could have my first-born child or something like that, and I just didn’t want all that trouble.

And this happened accidentally as well when I tried to take a pic of the castle…


Had another performance today, went great! I have 2 tomorrow; one main stage and the other will be on the Royal Mile which is where a lot of the street performances are happening at so it will be great to say I was a street performer for once! Oh, and it’s MY choreography! So excited!

P.s.- this is what I wore today and I am pretty proud of it =)



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