I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 5! (NOFIT STATE CIRCUS!)


Ok, I finally got around to seeing a show and it was PHENOMENAL! It was Bianco by NoFit State Circus which is a UK based “Contemporary Circus [that] combines live music, dance, stage design, text, and film with traditional circus skills” (nofitstate.org). And it felt like a traditional circus with the setting being under a pitched tent.

So the set up was really unique to me because there were no seats, a live band, and the set was every changing which caused the audience to move around and your viewpoint to change as well. There were four contraptions that worked similarly to Lego-esque toys where you could assemble them in many ways to create other formations. For every performance, the four pieces moved to set up a new performance place.


The show had jugglers who artistically juggled seven small balls with his entire body while telling a story in Portuguese, aerial artists who worked with ropes instead of silks, trapeze artists that sang while flying through the air as well as one soloist trapeze artist that seamlessly combined a great emotional contemporary solo with her high-flying trapeze moves. Then, there was an amazingly strong man who is a straps artist which generally means its gymnastic rings meets aerial arts 50 feet in the air. As well as hoolahoop tricks, cyr wheel amazingness, and trampoline greatness. All of the artists were amazingly fit and flexible; as a dancer I also appreciate that as soon as their show was over they were all laying on foam rollers and taking care of their bodies… Yes!


But, the most simply amazing parts of the show for me were how quickly the performers transformed from Circus Artist to Tech Crew without missing a beat, as well as being the human pulley system for the active High Flying Artist. And might I just add they were dancing pulley systems as well!? Climbing down the rigging upside down and in center splits or while holding one leg… the entire place was a performance even if they were not the main performer.

I am not sure if the blog post could really justify how great this show was, but please just go to their website (nofitstate.org), watch their YouTube Videos, read testimonials, and just try to grasp the multilevel Phenomenon that is NoFit State Circus!


Tomorrow I am going to see 3 shows so I will have a lot to talk about as well as on Sunday I have a meeting with the artistic director of 2FACED DANCE COMPANY!!!!! I was able to sneak my way into meeting with the HEAD of the main company I want to see here! YES! Good night!


One thought on “I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 5! (NOFIT STATE CIRCUS!)

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting for me to see how people experience shows like this for the first time (for example, ropes have been used for aerial performance for hundreds of years, long before the development of silks acts in the second half of the last century – but, clearly the silks are much more prominent on people’s radar today!)
    If you want some views on other circus performances in Edinburgh this year, pop over to http://thecircusdiaries.com

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