I’m In Scotland! Fringe Festival Day 6! (I SAW 2 SHOWS TODAY!)


Today I saw two very wonderful and uniquely different dance shows today as well as performing once again in our show. The first show I will talk about is Be Captivated by Ballet Central (http://www.balletcentral.co.uk/) which is based out of the UK. Their company is comprised of the Central School of Ballet’s final years students as part of their BA (Hons) Degree course. So, the cast of the show Be Captivated was very young yet professional and mature in their dancing technique.


The show was one half great ballet repertoire with group numbers and solo work, as well as doing a great live video piece with the dancers on the floor and the video shooting from directly up above them. The other half was a story of a girl who loses herself in books. She gets a shipment for more books and obviously finds the mail carrier attractive. She begins reading the book and begins to fall for the male character that comes to life when reading a certain book, only to be disappointed when he is not immediately interested in her and the story ends. But, when she returns back to the book to read it a second time, he is more interested, and the mail man who bring her the shipments of books turns out to be the character she fell for in the book! (How this makes sense, I don’t know, but it was cute and cheesy and corny and I LOVED it!)


The next show I saw was from Mad Dogs Dance Theatre (http://www.maddogsdancetheatre.com/) called Missing, which was a duet of  man and a woman who are going through the grief of losing their child. The show was definitely a dance show for dancers, meaning I am not sure the general public would have appreciated the show in the way it should be appreciated. The duet was very strong in physically showing you the grief that the couple was going through, including some of the 7 steps of grief like denial and anger, while strategically adding in clear facial expressions to keep the audience following along with the narrative.


Choreographer Douglas Thorpe was masterfully used the actual body language to tell the story of this couple’s grief without relying on lyrics, text, or even direct facial expressions. I left the show understanding their plight much deeper than I expected, and I believe it was directly related to his skill at using the words spoken from the human body.


Scorpius Dance Theatre, the company I am dancing for this week, also received a really great review in the Scotsman for our performance at the Booking Dance Festival for The Fringe Festival! Check it out here: http://www.edinburgh-festivals.com/blog/2013/08/17/dance-review-booking-dance-festival-showcase/

One more show to perform tomorrow and two more shows to see! Too excited for the day because I am kicking it off with a meeting with the artistic director of 2Faced Dance Company!


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