Vision Board 2014

Vision Board 2014

Vision Board 2014

So it’s a ritual of mine to create some kind of vision board or goal list about every 6 months, and more specifically on New Years. January 1st represents a new beginning for me and most other people in the world, and I think everyone has such great intentions to make their new years resolutions stick because we all want to better ourselves in some way, and since I am a culprit of that as well I will be posting my Vision Board/New Year’s Resolutions list to the world to hold myself a bit more accountable.

1. Wake Up when the alarm goes off… the 1st time. This is something I have been trying to do for months! It is extremely difficult to break the habit of immediately hitting the snooze, and then laying in bed for yet another hour before actually getting up and starting my day. When I thought about that fact, I also realized that waist of an hour also made me late and unprepared to a lot of things. So this year, I am getting those hours back!

2. Capture One Photo Per Day. So this year, I will be snapping at least one picture a day that captures the beauty and interesting things I see daily. When I reflected on my year, I realized I had a lot of great images in head from what I witnessed in class, with friends, walking around, etc. and I also noticed that some of the images are already fleeting. I do not want to lose the images so easily so I will be capturing them and posting them Here.

3. Teach More Contemporary/PMC Dance Classes! One of things I love just as much as dancing and choreographing  is teaching. I love being in a classroom and sharing my oddities and weird sense of creativity with my peers and students. I want to do it more so I can become greater at actually Teaching  a class instead of just Giving.

4. Inherit a Beyonce-like Work Ethic. I’m already a bit of a mad man when it comes to the amount of work ethic I have but I have always admired Beyonce’s sense of commitment she has to her craft. There a plenty of interviews were she and other have stated that Beyonce is a crazily involved artist that has her hands in just about everything that involves her work. And because of that, her time spent in rehearsals and studios are ridiculous. Many of her dancers and back-up singers (The Mamas) have said that they’ll frequently have 16 hour rehearsals for a few days on end, and Beyonce is always the first one there and the last one to leave. What she does brings her joy like how dance does for me, so for 2014 I want to be the first one in the studio and the last one to leave.

5. Move To NEW YORK! I have been saying I want to move to NY since June, and this is the year that I have scheduled for it to happen. I haven’t set a date and time yet, just anytime after I graduate really. I still have to find a way to visit NY this spring but  moving there is literally the biggest vision I think about every day. Some of my friends have warned me that NY is tough to find work as a dancer or just as a person trying to earn income and that there are plenty of other places to move to that I’ll enjoy, and it’ll be easier to live. My response to that is no. I don’t want easy, I don’t want comfortable. This is one era of my life where I can take risks that will mostly only affect me and I’ll be able to bounce back from pretty quickly, I will not waste it by going easy and being comfortable. I want this challenge.

Other things that are on my long list of goals for this year (some are subsections of the above 5) are: save 10% of every dollar I earn, bulk up on the ballet and go to Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet Summer Intensive, compete in a physique competition, fall in love, and listen to conscious.


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