So Today I Quit My Job!


When I was about 11 years old and in the 6th grade, I was riding my bike to school on some insignificant day when I had an overpowering urge to NOT go to school. So I didn’t. I took an immediate right turn and started on an adventure. I sold my my Pokemon Trading Card game on GameBoy and made $20, bought the used version of Pokemon Yellow (which I was dying to have) and a pack of 20.AA batteries, went to the nearest library and played the game for hours! That day was amazing to me and I truly felt like I made the right decision. But of course, when I went home my mom grounded me because the school called and said I did not go, and when I went to school for the next day I had In School Suspension. A small price to play in my eyes because I made 20 bucks, bought my favorite video game, and had batteries that could last me months on end! So that day taught me to follow my gut and accept the consequences that may just come at a price.

So today I took another risk. I quit my new job as a server at a European style Cuisine and Wine Bar because my intuition told me there are better things for me to do with my time, like dance. The job was great and promised a lot of money, but I realized in order to succeed at that job I had to put in as much time and effort in it as I currently do for dance, if not more. And to me, the pay out was not going to outweigh what I put in. Yeah, money is great. Not having to worry about bills and having excess money is awesome. But, being dirt poor for a good portion of my childhood has taught me my greatest life lesson, “money is just a tool, not the key to happiness”.

In the time I’ve been serving at that job, I had not logged in as much time in the dance studio as I wanted to or should have. Realizing that was the greatest alarm for me. Dance is something that comes before many things in my life, and money is one of them. I know for the typical American and many of my friends, that sense of priority may be odd. And I accept that, but I have one life to live and I want to love every second of it as long as it is in my control. Dance brings me that love. Teaching, choreographing, dancing in the studio to ambient and pop music brings me that joy. I have this feeling in my gut that it’ll bring me the money that I need to live a comfortable life.

In the mean time, my bank account may be a little low, I may not be able to buy those new headphones I had my eye on, or take that random trip to the Grand Canyon, but at least I get to spend hours upon hours dancing in the studio and mastering my craft. I’ll make it to New York some other way.


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