The Dancer

 To become  a professional dancer and choreographer takes thousands of hours of physical training, an abundance of mental knowledge to be obtained, and a unique sense of creative insight. I know it is one the most difficult fields to try to pursue a level of greatness in, but honestly… I LOVE THE CHALLENGE!

Everyday that I wake up will be a day I actively step closer to becoming one of the greats in dance we know about. I do not  see anything that I can not do, and I really want this blog to document that for myself, for others to see and hopefully be inspired by. I also welcome feedback because ever step of this journey is going to be a learning process and I am hungry for knowledge and experiences! Confucius said, “Real knowledge is knowing the extent of one’s ignorance”, and I believe that wholeheartedly.

So join me on this journey! I promise to make it enjoyable!

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9 thoughts on “The Dancer

  1. Yay for you–sounds as if you have the passion and commitment, both absolutely essential to staying on the path–at least in my opinion. Where are you going to be based? Bon voyage…..

    • For the next year I will be based in Arizona, more specifically the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, until I graduate in May 2014. I am also looking at San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Miami for places to dance after graduation.

      • At the moment, my favorite movement style is Contemporary. I like to use ballet aesthetics as well as very grounded movement in creating work to juxtapose one another. My favorite choreographer has to be Ulysses Dove for utilizing those some things I value. I really enjoy his piece Episodes that he set on the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in the 80s as well as Vespers.

  2. You blog is really unique. It’s the first that I’ve come across promoting dance. It’s really cool what you’re doing.

    I’ve seen some of your videos already and I gotta say, this is amazing stuff. You really know what you’re doing. I’ve always been inspired by dance and I (think?) understand the passion and talent behind a good dance number. I have a friend who is a dancer and that is all she talks about. I’ll pass you blog on to her as well.

    I’ve dancing myself…in front of the mirror and at the clubs. But I’ve really love the contemporary hip hop (if that’s what it’s called) that a guy named Brian Puspos does. It’s definitely something I want to try.

    Your blog is refueling something I’ve always wanted to try, so thank you for that.

    Now, back to work!!! Study time!! Thanks again for taking a look at my blog.

    • I will definitely have to check out Brian Puspos, I haven’t seen any work by him. But I appreciate you taking the time to come check out my blog. And as long as you are dancing in some shape or form, you’ll find some joy.

  3. Hey there neighbor, sort of. I’m in Arizona too (but on the west side). I’m so inspired by your drive and passion for dance. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you.

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