Week Eight

Tuesday, March 4th (Karen): After spine back-to-back exercise.

-I felt most of my connection and focus of my spine in the thoracic area, and following up into the cervical. Much of my Lumbar spine seemed inactive to me, even if it wasn’t. I noticed my head not being as weighted as I normally have it frim using the controlling muscles in my neck.


After Karen advised me to think of my spine as 2in longer in each direction

– I immediately felt more freedom in my legs during the battement! Also, I felt more grounded during the arrival of the battements. This will aid me in allowing the psoasdo most of the wirk for leg movement instead of gripping my quads.

Wednesday, March 5th (Carley): Psoas is working today! Keep lifting from bottom so quads won’t grip. “Lifting from bottom” meaning focus energy pushing leg up instead of pulling up from the top like a puppet string.



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