Week Five

Monday, Feb. 10th (Kyle): Goals- Relax quadriceps during slow developpes and battements. *Tip* Think skeletally to allow muscles to relax and not grip so much when moving.


(Carley): So the pathways/gateways of the arms are this week’s focus, and to soften the tension in legs.

  •          Today, I wore a lot of layers of clothes to test how much I’ve retained alignment information I’ve been working on for the past weeks… so fair, I’ve failed.
  •          *Tip* think about rotation in shoulder as related to turnout on 1 supporting leg (battement)


Tuesday, Feb. 11th (Karen): What is the role of your torso in ballet technique? I think of it as the conductor of all movement, similar to a lightning rod.


[Mid Class] When do you think about your torso? I don’t often think about it as a priority. I think about every moving thought my spine, elongating it, at all times, but not 1st and for most. Also, penche with energy radiating from fulcrum is a nice image!



  •          Torso can be lengthy both away from the earth and towards it.
  •          Think about the back your body, it is very important in movement. DON’T FORGET IT!
  •          Remember that that torso is 3-dimensional.0


Thursday, Feb. 13th (Karen): When learning from video, do not focus on details, right away but due pay attention to transitions and weight shifts! I did not watch any videos.


Friday, Feb. 14th (Carley):

-Continued working on specific metatarsals to balance on, and use the big toe and 2nd toe’s metatarsals feel the most secure.

-Going to work on bringing high fifth arms a little further away from body to keep my ribs from popping out and messing up my alignment.

-Working on pulling up in abs at all times to see if that because a natural habit and if it helps with balances all around

-Keeping rotation in hips during grande plies and not letting then turn in when straightening

-Strengthen abductor/rotator muscles



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