Week Seven

Monday, Feb. 24th (Kyle): Psoas, Psoas, Psoas!

(Carley): I’ve been getting really tense at the at the barre, so I’m working on using as little energy as possible so not to over grip; becoming better at being efficient with my energy.

-Arabesque balance on eleve was awesome!

-After developpes, my psoas was engaged and not my quads! SUCCESS!


Tuesday, Feb. 25th (Karen, but Kyle Teaches): Turns off balance, good for me because I am more care free. I will try to keep the care free attitude when doing more classical turns.

*Fix grande allegro port de bras!


Wednesday, Feb. 26th (Carley):

*Keep ronde de jambe levels all around! I am trying not to drop it when I get to arabesque, and not hike my hip in a la seconde.



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