Week Six

Tuesday, Feb. 18th (Karen): Write 3-5 things that are helpful to you about the skeleton.

­-Curvature in spine (not completely flat)

-Dropping pelvis not flattening back

-Wide Pelvis

-Sternum pubic bone alignment to drop ribs, and keep them from poking out.

*I feel a better/different sense of my core when I think of the “energy falling down my back and rising up the front of my body” idea Karen is sharing with us today. More awareness in my back is doing nothing but helping me with my core.

*Thinking of the spine, and articulating it so much more during class is fun and challenging. I am enjoying this balletic movement with an exaggeratedly expressive torso! How can I add that w/choreography?

Wednesday, Feb. 19th (Kyle): PSOAS AWARENESS!

-Releases quads and hip flexors for battements and the like

-adds range of motion by decongesting the hip crease

-adds ease to pirouettes

-exercise to strengthen and find psoas muscles.


(Carley): Goal- Work on using rotation and not allowing legs to rotate in during battements.

-Thinking of keeping sternum and pelvic bones aligned

-Ribs dropped and not poking out.

-Port de bra in petite allegro are much better!


Thursday, Feb. 20th (Karen): Use specific metatarsals for balances! It makes the world of difference to use the metatarsals of the first and second toe for balances instead those on the outside.


Friday, Feb. 21st (Carley): Working on choosing how many turns I will do in the prep before actually turning. It adds clarity to the turns and allows me to land the turns more efficiently as well.

*Make sure to eat before ballet =(


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