Week Ten

Monday, March 17th (Carley): After my deep tissue massage over spring break, my muscles are much more malleable! My releve balances are also more secure.

*Keep arms a little further out when in high fight position, to prevent pulling/falling back in balances.


Tuesday, March 18th (Karen): I am thinking of widening the pelvis from the back adding stability and it is radiating into the rest of my body. Really think about the pelvis also closing in the front as well.

*What is working: Changing movement dynamics. Awakens my Brain!
*What is Not Working:  Transitions! I have got to emphasize my transitions during grande allegro. My petite allegro could also  move a bit larger as well.


Wednesday, March 19th (Carley): When on one leg, where is my weight at the barre? Something to think about.


Thursday, March 20th (Karen): Crossing my arms causes me to lean back in my upper-body. This makes me a bit more unstable in my balances and turns. I need to engage my abs a bit more during turns and balances.


Friday, March 21st (Carley): Belly button to sternum! I have got to keep a more stable core and not lean back when standing.

*Do not be afraid to transfer weight like I do when contemporary/modern dance. USE MORE PLIE!





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