Week Three- Back of Knee

Monday, Jan. 27th (Kyle): Hamstring Insertion! Straightening my legs from the back of the knee, instead of gripping the quadricep muscles, during my releve helped mhy complete a straighter and longer line. I felt the hamstring engaged and I felt it during my arabesque too! AAAAAHH I’M SO HAPPY IT’S WORKING!


Wednesday, Jan. 29th (Carley): Transferring from two legs to one is difficult in releve, but thinking of growing taller when doing so makes it more efficient. I’m thinking of a long back and energy growing through back of my head out the top, and pulling up in my abdominal muscles help as well when paired.

Thursday, Jan. 30th (Karen) Based on Tuesday’s class, what is your Intention for today? Seeing as I was not in class on Tuesday due to chronic senoritis of the mind and body, resulting in premature procrastination, I will try and perform in class to the best of my ability as a mover because I have had a day of rest. I will also attempt to work on more contemporary aspects of the contemporary-ballet since the Alonzo King Lines Ballet Summer Intensive Audition is this weekend!

[Half way through class] I will tie together my port de bras and phrase work more, my arms need to be more engaged and active.

[End of class] When thinking of Grace’s goal of enjoying the transitions in movement, I found more clarity in my port de bras and more time in the phrase (success!). I also found stability when thinking of the back side of the body. That will be a focus after I conquer my other goals.

Friday, Jan 31st (Carley): “Lifted from underneath” during releve balances is what Carley is saying in class. I need to figure out what that means for my body, hmmm? My port de bra is looking more connected during the petite allegro thanks to class yesterday and my focus on it, YES!


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