Week One- Finding a More Supportive Balance and Stronger Core

Wednesday, Jan. 15th (Kyle Riveccio 7:30am): Worked on finding balance by activating my CORE and pulling my belly button up closer to my chest instead of in and closer to my. Really hard to do in center! lol My right hamstring seems to be healing better today. I pulled it in November before Thanksgiving and this is the first ballet class I’ve had since giving the muscle a break over winter vacation. We did a bit of isometric/PNF type partner stretching and that helped a lot. I’ll add that type of stretching to my weekly routine.

(Carley Conder 2:00pm): Focusing on rotation in my hips as much as possible. I have trouble using my functional turnout in my working leg and this is part of my goal for the day. Finding equal and functional rotation in my hips during a glissade was a great test for me. I also tried expanding energy outward from all distal point of my body (foot/heel, hands/fingers/ head, tail bone) to help find stability in my balances while also pulling my belly button up to engage my core differently.

Thursday, Jan. 16th (Emily 7:30am): On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have rehearsal with a graduate dance student named Emily and she is creating a contemporary-ballet piece and starts rehearsal with a short ballet class. A tip she gave me was to grow taller when transferring from sous sous to coupe or retiré (passe) balances.

(Karen 1:30pm): Karen started the class with us answering a few questions by writing in our ballet journals.

What is your approach to ballet? My approach to ballet is to find connections to contemporary/modern dance I could use, as well as striving to perform at a high level in the technique of ballet. Ballet teaches a lot of fundamentals I can benefit from but how I apply them to my own personal movement practice will be the test of how much I am growing from taking ballet classes. i also step into the class like I would an algebra class and my goal is to find out what “X” means, but for my body. The equations (exercises) are the same but what I find may very well, and is often, different from other in the class

(At the Mid-point of class) How is your approach hindering or helping? I became bogged down in remembering sequences of movements that I had little focus on my intent for class. I will be doing focusing more next class for sure! I was thinking more anatomically and musically. Thinking anatomically and what the movement meant for my body meant softening my sternum and dropping my tailbone, as also directed by Karen.

(At the end of class) How can I change my approach for next class? Start dancing from the start of class, and do not wait until the Grand Allegro to start dancing. I will also think of ballet class like a contemporary dance workshop where I go into enjoy the act of dancing more than trying to be perfect. I will also keep my focus up and present my arm positions more clearly

Friday, Jan. 17th (Carley 2:00pm): We did an exercise where we stood heels and back of ribs against the wall and went through a few arm positions like fifth position, and it was check to see if were pressing our chests out. Thinking of a soft sternum, like Karen mentioned to me yesterday, helped to prevent all of that misalignment from happening. MY GLISSADES ARE MUCH BETTER TODAY AND I’M LANDING SUCCESSFULLY IN FIFTH POSITION!!! Also, balances in retiré with my left as the supporting leg was great today! Thought of expanding my energy from all distal ends and pulling up in abs. My goal for the next fee weeks are to work on my facings, they need tremendous help.


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